White water rafting is a great way to foster camaraderie and strengthen working relationships. Exercises group cohesion does not need to be in a nearby park or in a meeting room of the workplace to be effective. Most employees enjoy the teamwork more when it takes place in a new environment. It is to participate in sports and activities together. You do not need to sit in a circle and tell your deepest fears or walking on hot coals in order to increase the team spirit (unless you really want to).

We will make a descent of the River in rafts. During the descent, we will have the support of professionals who will be proposing a number of challenges we have to overcome as a team. Situations that can be experienced in a whitewater river (no risk) are very instructive to understand useful concepts in the business world: situational leadership, communication, teamwork, adaptability to changing environments, etc. The dynamics will be aimed to work these concepts. The dynamics are highly motivating so it will draw the best from each.

The stability of the boat, makes that we can descend the river with some difficulty but without having any experience or prior knowledge, and the physical form is not important. Rafting is undoubtedly one of the best company outdoor activities to exercise leadership and teamwork. The scenario assumes that whitewater definitely is the best recreation of current business conditions environment: quick decisions, changing circumstances, adaptability, situational leadership, response team and a long list of simulations on actual environment. We will make photos during the descent without any additional cost, which you can get afterwards so you can have a nice memory of the day.

Objectives we try to comply with:

  1. improve comunication
  2. confidence
  3. collaboration
  4. leadership

Rafting as a group cohesion helps provide a fun and engaging environment for employees to work on their interpersonal and communication skills together while they also value their individual skills. It helps to learn in practice, rather than in theory experiencing, the immediate consequences and require creativity and critical thinking to respond as a team.  

We can choose between two options:

Cabriel River Experience

Cabriel River is considered like the cleanest river in Europe. Its quietly waters make the activity ideal to do a Team Building activity. Along the descent we will make a lot of games and dynamics to ensure a big journey with your company partners. Inside the Hoces del Cabriel Natural Park, we are privileged.

Mijares River Experience

Mijares River is the most difficult river in Valencian Community, it has a lot of rapids, that will make a focus activity to a guide orders. We will do some dynamics at the begining, in the middle and at the end of the descent to rise the objects purposed. The environment is wonderful, with its high cliffs in the Chillapajaros Canyon. Montanejos is considered the "Meca" of rock climbing in Valencian Community.

Our team of guides, organizers and psicologyst are well experienced to reach the objectives on work and move it to the reality of our business.

Please contact us to get more info about the concrete programs and dynamics

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